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Mission - Vision

Cegerco stands out above all with its team of professionals dedicated to the projects!

Offering high levels of professionalism and with extensive experience, our employees pursue a continuous training process and adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach. Innovation and efficiency remain constant goals when we carry out your projects.

Our Mission...

Carry out, Build, Innovate ... building and civil engineering works, while respecting strict Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance standards (H.S.E.Q.).

Our Vision...

To fulfill its mission, Cegerco has surrounded itself with a team of multidisciplinary professionals, capable of meeting construction challenges, while respecting the planned timelines and budgets allowed.

To succeed, Cegerco will provide the company with sufficient human and material resources to ensure self-realization and decision-making autonomy.

At Cegerco, the management team supports its employees and is involved in all spheres of its activities.


Cegerco was founded in 1976