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Mission - Vision - Values

Cegerco stands out above all with its team of professionals dedicated to the projects!

Offering high levels of professionalism and with extensive experience, our employees pursue a continuous training process and adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach. Innovation and efficiency remain constant goals when we carry out your projects.

Our Mission...


Our clients' ambitions and needs in the fields of civil engineering, hydropower, industrial and commercial buildings, whilst maintaining the highest Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards.

Our Vision...

Become a KEY PLAYER in the Quebec industry;

May the great Cegerco FAMILY stand out for the quality of its projects;

Be a LEADER and a MAJOR FIGURE in the field of construction.

Our Values...

Health, Security :
Make every effort, WITHOUT ANY COMPROMISE, to protect the health, safety and well-being of all our employees and collaborators.

Carry out our mandates with attention to detail and effectiveness, AT ALL TIMES, while maintaining healthy and respectful relationships with our colleagues, partners and clients.

Collaboration :
Share the skills and talents of our multidisciplinary team, WORK TOGETHER, with our clients to tackle the various challenges they entrust to us.

Cegerco was founded in 1976