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Project Management

Construction and site engineering at Cegerco

Construction primarily involves planning, organization and concern for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality for each new project obtained. For Cegerco, these four aspects are essential to meet the target dates for critical activities of the schedule. "To succeed, Cegerco has brought together a group of multidisciplinary and experienced professionals".

The development of "work methodologies and quality control monitoring" during construction work is at the heart of our concerns.

The other key element in construction is the project implementation management conducted by the Project Manager’s team. This management includes subcontractors, so that development of the project is done "in harmony with the established budget".

Finally, an excellent administrative and contractual relationship with the customer is a match and an ultimate goal that every member of Cegerco’s team is challenged to achieve during the project construction: "User-friendly and proactive approaches being the advocated attitudes".