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Special projects and Patners

Special Projects

Cegerco has demonstrated its strength in special projects and in various environments. Whether in water, in the air, underground, in confined spaces or in an environment with extreme temperatures, Cegerco’s team solves and innovates according to the project to be carried out.  Thanks to the participation of employees who constantly show ingenuity and creativity for solving particular problems, everything is done in compliance with the client's goals.



Since its founding, Cegerco adapts to the evolving context of construction. Partnerships with complementary companies represent one of the strategic solutions. These partnerships are intended to be an added value and continuity to the fields of expertise in which Cegerco evolves, whether in mechanical, architecture, civil engineering, hydropower, turn-key and special projects.  Selection of partners is driven by a win-win relationship.

These partnerships have enabled Cegerco to gain knowledge that has helped it grow and diversify. They also have allowed our teams to deepen their working knowledge and assess other in order to maintain our primary goal: meet the needs of our customers.