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Entête 2 JD
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Cegerco make a breakthrought in electrical substations and infrastructures

le 4 juillet 2016

In May 2016, Hydro-Québec awarded a first substation contract to Cegerco. The generating station at the Romaine 3 plant should be completed in October 2016. Work involves the construction of a cut/fill platform, and concrete structures to support the electrical equipment. The electrical portion of the project will be performed by our partner, Construction St-Arnaud, with whom we have developed a new partnership: Cegerco - c. St-Arnaud s.e.p.

Hydro-Québec has recently awarded us a second contract for the Bout-de-l'Île substation in the Montreal area. Mobilization is scheduled for August 8, 2016. The project involves the construction of infrastructure for the new generating station of the 735 KV power line. Cegerco will share the work with our partner, Construction St-Arnaud, according to our respective areas of expertise. The work includes excavation and backfilling and the construction of concrete infrastructure to support electrical and control equipment.  Work will continue until November 2017.


Autonomous electrical system plant

In June 2016, Cegerco obtained a contract to build an autonomous electrical system plant in Schefferville. The project involves the construction of a site for installation of generators to ensure a backup system to the existing network.  The work also requires cutting/filling of rock and granular materials.

Most of the work consists in shuttering and concreting of massifs for underground electrical conduits, concrete foundations for tanks, and several protection systems for the facilities.

The project also includes electrical work and a mechanical part for the installation of hydrocarbon reservoirs and control buildings. All work must be completed by mid-October 2016.