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Entête 2 JD
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Cegerco wins two major contracts

le 27 septembre 2016

Alcoa Aluminum Smelter – Baie-Comeau

Alcoa transports molten metal from the electrolytic cells directly into crucibles. These are pulled by mules to the foundry and placed on platforms. Overhead travelling cranes take over to supply the furnaces. To enable the replacement of the existing overhead travelling cranes, the consulting engineering firm Hatch has mandated Cegerco to build a new access ramp from the Electrolysis sector to the floor of the foundry.

Work includes the installation of bored piles, demolition, concreting, reconstruction of a pedestrian door, steel framing and masonry, excavation and backfilling, and various architectural works.


Kruger Crabtree – Joliette

This plant, located in Crabtree near Joliette, manufactures a wide range of products for industrial and domestic use.

Cegerco was given the mandate to carry out the foundation work of four (4) buildings for the plant expansion. Work involves overburden excavation, formwork and concreting of foundations, slabs, walls and pilasters, grounding electrical work and backfilling of foundations.

About 80% of employees of the 25 to 30 employees are from the Montreal area.

Cegerco has made a breakthrough in the field of electrical substations and infrastructure.